Advantages of Solar Phone Chargers over Conventional Mobile Phone Chargers

As is evident from the its name, a solar phone charger charges a mobile phone by making use of solar energy, which it converts into electrical energy. This can also be seen as a personal solar panel, which funnels solar energy right into the mobile phone.

Battery Woes with Latest Smartphones

The only sad thing about the modern mobile phones is while they have the latest functionalities and great looks, the strength of their batteries is normally very low. Cell phones today are no more limited to the functionality of communication.

Today, they are extensively used as cameras, web browsers, MP3 players, video players and even like mini-computers. Usage of these functionalities takes its own toll on the battery of the phone, and the end result is you don’t get the power when you need it.

Solar Battery Chargers are Great Portable Solutions

A solar battery charger is undoubtedly a very good portable solution to all the power related problems of modern mobile phones. Not only can it be very easily carried by anyone in the pocket, it gets set up seamlessly as well; not to mention they are a cost effective option as hardly any of them cost more than $100.

They Can be Saviour in Absence of Electrical Charging Outlets

These solar mobile phone chargers also come very handy when there is no electrical outlet nearby, and your mobile phone is either on the verge of getting discharged or is already blacked out. The solar chargers are much more efficient in terms of energy consumption and are also much cheaper compared to the chargers that are battery operated.

Consider the Multi-Functional Solar Chargers

Many solar mobile phone chargers are very lightweight, weighing just few ounces, contains no kind of batteries, and use LEDs. Few of these chargers are multi-functional as they can also charge other devices like PDA and MP3 players. You can always rely on these chargers to charge your mobile for making that emergency call or to make sure you keep receiving all the incoming calls. All you need are the charger, adaptor tips, cables and of course sunlight.

How Do They Work?

Let us see how these mobile phone chargers actually work. These chargers convert solar energy that they receive with the help of solar cells into electricity, which is a process called as photovoltaic effect. The solar panels of these portable chargers are manufactured using semiconducting materials. First they sunlight, the convert its photons into electricity and finally channel it in direct current. Most of these solar cell phone chargers can easily charge mobile phones from a wide range of brands.

It is important to follow certain instructions while using solar phone chargers and different products from different brands come with their own set of instructions. So it becomes important to glance through them at least once. Normally, it requires around 1-2 hours of sun exposure for the solar charger to get fully charged.

If the charger makes use of photovoltaic cells then even a 60 watt incandescent bulb can get the job done. If the charger is completely out of charge then most of the product manuals suggest keeping them under sun for 2 straight days.

If you need one hour of backup in your mobile phone for emergency calls, make use of right adaptors and connect the charger to your phone. Depending on the mobile phone and the charger you use you get the talk time. At times one minute of charge gives one minute of talk time and at other times it can give even more for the same amount of time.

A solar charger basically is a green, cost-effective and a very smart way of charging your modern cell-phones.


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