Easy Hacks for Apple Phones

iPhone is one of the hottest selling smartphones in the world. Apple has a wonderful reputation for providing top quality products to its customers. With a smartphone like iPhone, people would love to explore all the possible apps and do things beyond normal. If you are an iPhone user, you may be interested in knowing certain useful hacks that can be done in your phone.

Here are 4 easy hacks for your Apple phone.

Increase the Speed of your Phone

People love iPhone for many reasons, one of them being, it does not crash like the android phones. However, if there are too many apps, there may be some latency. In order to get rid of the crashing apps as well as web pages, which usually take a lot of time to load, you will have to clear the RAM. This can be done in a few seconds.

First of all, you need to bring your phone to the home screen mode. Now you will have to hold on to the power button. You will now see that swipe to – power off option. Switch to the home button for a few seconds. That’s it; your phone will function perfectly well now.

Extend the Life of Battery

If you notice that the battery percentage is low and if you find yourself in a place where there is no access to charging the phone, then do not worry. You can try this trick. First go to the Settings option, then navigate to Battery, and then to the Low Power mode. After going to the Low Power mode, all the unnecessary tasks can be disabled. If you do this, you can extend the battery life for a few more hours.

Put off Those Features Which May Cost You a Lot

The Wi-Fi Assist will be automatically switching your device from Wi-Fi to 4G whenever the network (Wi-Fi) is weak. Although this is great for browsing, you may be losing a lot of money with the internet data, much faster than you imagined. You will have to disable it, so go to the Settings option, then go to Cellular and then turn off or disable the Wi-Fi assist.

Put Off the Emergency Alerts

Although the alerts will help many people with doing their tasks efficiently, the sound it generates is really irritating. You would definitely not want that when you are at a hospital or a church. In order to turn it off, first go to Settings and then notifications. You can now turn off the amber alerts as well as emergency alerts.

These are the 4 simple hacks that will make your life slightly better than before.


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